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Customized alerts keep you up to date with your fleet, making it easy to analyze events.


Draw geo-fences around parking lots & landmarks so you know when vehicles enter or exit the area.

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Trace allows you to schedule and track your vehicles required maintenance, saving your business money & time.


See the location of your entire fleet, giving you the ability to quickly & easily decide which vehicle to dispatch to specific locations.

Track, analyze & make consistent improvements on your fleet.

From past performance to instant visibility, Trace gives managers the information they need to make smart decisions.


Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling

Trace's maintenance menu contains tools for creating and maintaining service records for your fleet. From oil changes to tire rotations to wiper replacement, Trace allows you to schedule and track your vehicles required maintenance.


Vehicle Performance Insights

Hardware installed into your vehicles gathers vehicle performance data, which is transmitted to our user-friendly interface giving you insights into your vehicle’s performance. Set custom alerts for
excessive idling, on-time performance, harsh acceleration/braking,
low battery alerts, speeding, diagnostic messages etc.


Quickly Find Nearby Vehicles

Trace offers fleet managers to see locations of the entire fleet, a group of vehicles, or a specific vehicle. Signals from each vehicle are sent every 30 seconds, giving the ability to quickly and easily decide which vehicle to dispatch to specific locations; increasing the efficiency of your fleet & ultimately saving your business time 


Create Custom Geo-Fences

Draw geo-fences around parking lots and landmarks. Satellite view ensures you capture the areas you want. This allows you to set alerts and know precisely when vehicles enter or exit the area, giving you insights into departure & arrival times.


Receive Key Alerts

Designate customized alerts to keep you up to date with your fleet, whether it’s vehicle maintenance, speed alerts, fault alerts, etc. Alerts are received via window pop-ups, emails & text messages and organized on the alert screen in your portal. Making it easy to analyze specifics on when and where events occurred.


Engine Diagnostics

Trace offers live engine diagnostics that tell you, in real-time, if a vehicle requires maintenance.  Fault codes are directly transmitted to a fleet manager as they happen via email or SMS.  When you can see in advance what kind of work your fleet needs, unexpected and costly repairs won’t surprise you.


Talk to a Smart Solutions Tech


Emerge Technologies is powered by Inland Cellular. With over 25 years of experience providing innovative communications solutions for businesses throughout the region, we have the expertise and solution to fit your business. Dedication to industry-leading customer support is a core value for both Inland Cellular & Emerge Technologies.

When using our Trace Fleet Management solution you can expect the same exceptional customer support from your Emerge support staff that you’ve come to expect from Inland Cellular throughout the years.