Your WiFi. But Better.

Some homes have WiFi dead zones, places where you just can’t connect. With our Mesh WiFi Systems, no more dropped WiFi connections as you move throughout your property and home.

Experience Mesh WiFi Like Never Before.

Are you ready for a new WiFi experience? Deco provides exceptional speed, coverage, and stability,
taking your experience to a whole new level.


Deco nodes seamlessly blanket your home in powerful WiFi so you are always connected, no matter its shape or size.


Deco automatically selects the best connection for your devices, ensuring the fastest speeds, always.

With multiple WiFi nodes, Deco provides a more robust WiFi to ensure a No-Drop WiFi experience throughout your home.

With multiple WiFi nodes, Deco provides a more robust WiFi to ensure a No-Drop WiFi experience throughout your home.

Stronger WiFi. More Devices.

Deco provides better coverage and stronger signal than traditional single router setups. That’s because each unit is a powerful router and they all work together to extend the strongest signal to every room.

With multiple units working together seamlessly, a Deco system can connect more devices than a traditional router, supporting a mix of up to 150 smart home and WiFi devices.

Setup and Manage your Network Anytime and Anywhere on the TP-Link Deco app.

Parental Control

Create custom user profiles to limit internet time, monitor usage, and block explicit content.

Device Prioritization

Prioritize the devices and activities most important to you with simple bandwidth control settings.

Control From Anywhere

Manage your network, set up parental controls and more from wherever you are.

Easy Setup

In just three easy steps your entire home can be blanketed in strong and reliable WiFi.

Share WiFi with Friends

Set up separate WiFi for guests and share the password to make it easier for them to hop online.

Simple Updates

Receive notifications when updates are ready and choose the best time to install them to prevent interrupting your WiFi.

Extending Wifi-01

Need Further Coverage Beyond your Home?

Whether it's your whole home, or whole property, we have you covered. Don't settle for WiFi that can't reach your outdoor spaces. If you have a large piece of property or difficult to reach spaces, we can create a customized solution to ensure the best WiFi connection possible.

*Connection will vary based on building materials and distance.

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