Emerge Internet delivers the best connection to your home.

We are passionate about bringing reliable connectivity to our markets. We know that home internet is essential to our communities.  

3 Steps to Optimize Internet in your Home


We recommend Gig Fiber speed

Gig-speed fiber internet means you can do everything you already do online, but a lot more of it, and a lot faster. All of your usual web browsing and streaming will be supported, but with higher speeds and less congestion on your home network.


Upgrade Devices, Browsers & Softwares

Your equipment may need a software update. If your device is running out of date software, it can affect how quickly everything runs including how fast your internet speed is. Update the operating system as well as any other core apps you use on your devices.


Use Wi-Fi Extenders

Some homes have WiFi dead zones, places where you just can’t connect. With our Mesh WiFi Systems, no more dropped WiFi connections as you move throughout your property and home. Deco provides exceptional speed, coverage, and stability. Learn more here.


The Importance of your Router

Connecting to your router via an ethernet cable often affords better reliability and more consistent speeds than a wireless connection.

Upgrading to a current generation router is a cheap and effective way to improve your home network in every way: better Wi-Fi range, stronger signal, and better handling of demands modern users put on their network.

Routers transmit from all directions in a circle. This means the more centrally you can place it, the better your home's overall coverage will be. Putting your router near a window means that you're broadcasting outside as well as inside, and sending some of your strongest broadband connection – quite literally – out the window.

More Ways to Optimize Your Internet


Wi-Fi Signal

Obstacles like walls, doors, and floors may weaken and slow your Wi-Fi speeds. You want to ensure that your devices aren't too far away from your router.


Limit The Amount of Devices

Any devices connecting your internet impacts how well your system operates. Some devices can impact performance more than others.


Reset your Devices and/or Router

It sounds simple, but resetting your router can speed up your internet. It can alleviate internet connection problems and boost your speeds.


Upgrade your Internet

If your internet connection is working correctly but you need more speed, it’s probably time to upgrade. Sometimes your internet connection is simply not enough to sustain your usage.