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Virtual Office, Work From Almost Anywhere

Work From Home With Our EPX Phone System

Your phone system is an essential tool for your business. Among the many benefits of our EPX Phone systems, the ability to easily transition to working from home while maintaining the same functionality is essential.

With our EPX systems, employees can actually bring their desk phone right from the office to their home and work remotely.


Set Up Is Easy

Using the ethernet cable and power supply that connects the office phone set up at home is easily completed by your employees.


Keep the Functionality

Keep the same number & functionality they have when they are in the office. Dial extensions, transfer and receive calls all using your regular business number.


Scalable For Any Size Business

Let us help you keep your business running smoothly. Reach out to us at 208-298-2700 or contact us and we can assist you in transitioning your employees from your office to their homes.


Integrated Mobility

Simultaneous ringing, desktop sharing and an integrate app lets you move calls from your desk to your device so your business goes with you.


Low, Set Monthly Fees

EPX integrated voice collaboration tools in the cloud eliminate the cost of maintaining expensive on-site equipment. Simply pay a small, set monthly fee.


Save Up To 40%

On average our customers save 40% over a traditional phone system. With three different packages, there is an EPX solution to fit every business.

Talk to a Smart Solutions Tech

Emerge Technologies is powered by Inland Cellular. With over 25 years of experience providing innovative communications solutions for businesses throughout the region, we have the expertise and solution to fit your business. Dedication to industry-leading customer support is a core value for both Inland Cellular & Emerge Technologies.

When using our EPX solution you can expect the same exceptional customer support from your Emerge support staff that you’ve come to expect from Inland Cellular throughout the years.