Work From Home With EPX

As businesses throughout the country work to react to the concerns surrounding COVID-19, many companies are searching for options to keep their staff working efficiently from home. Our EPX Phone systems have changed the way we do business by allowing us to be more connected than ever. In times like this, your phone system is an essential tool for your business. Among the many benefits of our EPX Phone systems, the ability to easily transition to working from home while maintaining the same functionality is essential.

With our EPX systems, employees can actually bring their desk phone right from the office to their home and work remotely. Using the ethernet cable and power supply that connects their phone at the office set up at home is easily completed by employees. Your employees keep the same number and keep the same functionality they have when they are in the office. They will be able to dial extensions, transfer and receive calls all using their regular business number.

Our customer support team took their phones from their desks and the same day was able to deliver exceptional customer service right from the comfort and safety of their homes. Our EPX phone system allowed us to adapt quickly and remain efficient, even in uncertain times. Your business’s phone system should too.

EPX phone systems are scalable and effective for any size business. We would be happy to assist your IT department to keep your business running smoothly. Feel free to reach out to us at 208-298-2700 or contact us and we can assist you in transitioning your employees from your office to their homes.

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